Franklin Poker – The Safety Fire Restorer Franklin Poker – The Safety Fire Restorer
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As the embers burn down in your fireplace, and the last of the warm glow of the blaze comes to an end, you can rekindle the flames quickly and easily with the authentic, proven FRANKLIN POKER. The safest, surest way to rekindle dying fireplace embers to a rich burning fire. . .

This luxurious fireplace accessory makes a great addition to anyone's household. Not only does it restore a dwindling fire, but it also adds charm and elegance to any mantle or hearth. There is no need to dirty yourself, or your home, kneeling by the fire to get it restarted. The Franklin Poker allows you to stand at your fireplace and direct air right to the waning coals, giving them back a fresh burst of life. You can then use the poker's clever shark-fin tip to position new logs, moving even the largest of timbers with ease. When the cold of the winter begins to overwhelm the flames, you can trust the Franklin Poker to keep the home fires burning.
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